Volunteers reach out for Literacy
Volunteers reach out for Literacy

For the past three years, a group of passionate volunteers have been demonstrating the positive impact of generosity while delivering a powerful message to parents and caregivers throughout the Kansas City Metro.

The group, formed by Village Presbyterian Church, has been a driving force since the infancy of the Talk, Read, Play initiative, providing a grant to help kick-start the program in 2012. For this group, the contribution wasn't enough. They wanted a hands-on role.

Over the past three years, they’ve worked to improve literacy in Kansas City — reaching thousands of parents and children across the Kansas City Metro with a simple, powerful message: Talk, Read, Play -- with your child every day."

It’s a simple message explains volunteer Marilyn Borel, “You are your child’s first teacher, you can really effect change in this child’s readiness to start school if you simply talk, read and play. You don’t need to have to plan, just do it throughout the day — as you drive to school or at bath time."

You may think the whole idea of talking, reading and playing is common sense, but that’s not always the case. “I’ve had people, you can tell by the look on their face, that have never thought about talking to their infant or toddler," commented volunteer Gail Arther.

The group of consists of about 20 members, who are willing to do whatever it takes. They attend school open houses, conduct classes to demonstrate parent-child activities, provide one-on-one reading sessions through a mentorship program and partner with other churches to delivering books and their important message.

You can support this effort by donating children's books.