Tom Overcomes Despair
Success Story - Tom Overcomes Despair

Man Overcomes Despair to Form a Healthy Outlook

Tom came to The Family Conservancy for help because he had experienced suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety. In fact, he had attempted suicide about a year before, went through outpatient treatment at a mental health center, and began taking an anti-depressant medication. Tom didn’t like the side effects of the medication and felt outpatient therapy wasn’t helpful, so he struggled on alone.  His anxiety and depression became so severe, he was fired from several jobs and had reoccurring suicidal thoughts. Tom also was using alcohol on a regular basis to help lessen his anxiety.
In therapy at The Family Conservancy, Tom worked to identify the thoughts that increased his anxiety and depression. He found several ways he could lessen his symptoms: taking walks during his lunch break and in the evening, eating a balanced diet and journaling when he felt depressed or anxious. Our caring counselor used a solution-focused approach with Tom throughout their visits, helping him use techniques to concentrate on positive thoughts and decrease negative self-talk. Tom said when he used these strategies at home and during work, it helped him focus on the present and not get swept up in the barrage of depressing and anxious thoughts.
After four sessions, Tom told his counselor he had not been suicidal and that he felt he could manage his depression and anxiety with the coping skills he learned in therapy. Tom reported being mindfulness of his thoughts; walking and healthy eating habits had significantly decreased his depression and anxiety. Also, drinking was no longer appealing because he found healthier coping skills which replaced the need to consume alcohol. His improved outlook is apparent to others around him … as Tom has maintained a steady job and is excelling in his position. Thanks to the generous support from people like you, we are able to provide counseling services on a sliding-scale fee relative to a family’s income.