TFC Helps Teen Graduate
TFC Helps Teen Graduate

teen graduationThe past few years have been turbulent for 18-year-old, high school senior Emily. Homelessness is something she knows too well. Her mother struggles with addiction, and has for as long as she can remember — preventing her from holding down a job and causing countless evictions.

Facing another eviction, and likely a move to a new school, Emily decided she needed to make a change. She moved in with her sister in hopes of finding a more stable home. However, while the move was a positive change, Emily struggled to make ends meet while trying to graduate and plan for her future.

Aware of the challenges Emily faced, her school counselor referred her to The Family Conservancy (TFC) at the beginning of the school year. Over the past nine months, Emily has received support from a case manager who meets with her two times each month. These meetings have offered Emily an opportunity to talk about the feelings of anger she has for her mom, her fear of failure, and the daily challenges she faces.

Emily gained self-confidence in the program and her case manager taught her budgeting skills, helped her understand the process of getting a driver’s license and car insurance. She also learned ways to manage her time to study in between her work hours.

Encouraged by her case manager, Emily enrolled in a technical training program and obtained a certificate in the culinary arts earlier this year. The certificate helped her find a stable job with a decent wage. She worked full-time while finishing her senior year, and the job helped her bills and save enough money to purchase a car.

Despite immense challenges, Emily graduated with “A’s” and “B’s” in all of her classes and will be attending college in the fall. With the support of TFC, Emily has blossomed from a quiet teen unsure of her future into a young woman with a high school diploma and concrete plans for her future.