Using Talk to Encourage Brain Development
Using Talk to Encourage Brain Development


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Using Talk to Encourage Brain Development

Parent Education Tips


  • Say your baby’s name often.
  • Take turns making the same sounds as your baby. Babies learn that people react when they make sounds.
  • Talk to your baby during bath time, play time,
  • diaper changing, and feeding time. This is how your baby will learn the daily routine.
  • Talking to your baby will help your baby learn to talk.



  • Help your child learn to talk by adding words. If your child says, “Milk,” you say, “Do you want some milk?”
  • Help your child learn new words by explaining what is happening during the day. “You are
  • using your spoon to eat your peas.”
  • Name your toddler’s feelings, such as happy, sad, mad and scared.
  • Sing simple songs. Use lots of rhyming words. Play children’s music at home or in the car.



  • Talk to your child about his or her day. Ask
  • questions that begin with who, what and why.
  • Talk about what happens during the day.
  • Use complete sentences to describe what is happening around you and your child.
  • Ask children “what if” or “I wonder” questions. “I wonder what will happen if we leave the ice cube on the kitchen counter.”



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