Student Assistance Program

Helping Homeless Teens Graduate from High School

Helping Homeless Students Graduate

The Family Conservancy supports high school students managing life on their own. Students come to TFC facing many challenges —  abuse and neglect, parental violence and addiction, and homelessness. For many Kansas City area teenagers, TFC is the difference between giving up and graduating.


The Issue

Unfortunately, student homelessness isn’t an isolated issue affecting a handful of students in our region. During the 2017-18 school year, roughly 7,000 homeless students were identified in the Kansas City metro area. Fortunately, there are people, like you, who make this work possible.

Student Assistance Program Results

The Student Assistance Program has served 171 students over the past five completed school years, supporting them as they worked hard to complete their high school education. In those past five years, 93% of seniors have graduated and 84% of underclassmen have moved on to the next grade level or graduated.


Will you help amazing students overcome immense challenges on their way to success?