Reading to Encourage Brain Development
Reading to Encourage Brain Development


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Reading to Encourage Brain Development

Parent Education Tips


  • Look at books together. This gives you a chance to hold and cuddle your baby.
  • Point to pictures in books and talk about what you see. This gives your baby a chance to hear new words and learn to enjoy books.
  • Read before nap time and bedtime. This
  • routine can calm your baby.



  • Sit close to or hold your toddler when looking at books together.
    Let your toddler choose a book, turn the pages and point to pictures and words.
    Read your child’s favorite books over and over again. Children learn words when they hear them often.
    Visit the library to find new books. Keep books, newspapers, and magazines in your home.



  • Have fun while you are reading books and
  • looking at pictures with your child. Use silly voices. Point out words and pictures on the page and ask questions.
  • Retell stories in your own words. Listen to your child retell stories.
  • Point out words inside and outside of your home. Point out written words on doors, traffic signs, billboards, boxes, cans and buses.


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