Using Play to Encourage Brain Development
Using Play to Encourage Brain Development


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Using Play to Encourage Brain Development

Parent Education Tips


  • Give your baby time to move and play with you.
  • Look and smile at your baby. Let your baby watch your face and follow your movements.
  • Play with your baby using rattles, toys, and games like peek-a-boo.
  • Talk to your baby during these activities.



  • Children learn when they play.  
  • Give your child time to explore new objects, places and people. Play outside often.  
  • Play make-believe with your child. Use
  • dress-up clothes, puppets, boxes, pots and pans.



  • Play with toys and create things using blocks, crayons, play dough, sandboxes and playgrounds.
  • Follow what your child is interested in when playing together.
  • Describe what your child is doing.
  • Pretend to cook, clean, care for babies,
  • dress up and go to work.



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