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Family Separation Can Cause Trauma


As adults, we make decisions on behalf of our families, communities, county and world. These decisions, both good and bad, impact the lives of those around us. However, no one experiences a more significant effect than the youngest members of our society. The recent decision to separate families at the U.S. border, is an undeniable example of a policy that was... Read more

TFC Helps Teen Graduate

TFC Helps Teen Graduate


The past few years have been turbulent for 18-year-old, high school senior Emily. Homelessness is something she knows too well. Her mother struggles with addiction, and has for as long as she can remember — preventing her from holding down a job and causing countless evictions. Facing another eviction, and likely a move to a new school, Emily decided she needed... Read more

Support Summer Learning with Talk, Read and Play

Support Summer Learning with Talk, Read and Play


Summer is an exciting time for families — vacations, camps, sports and sunny days are on the horizon. Whether you have an infant, toddler or a school-aged child, the upcoming summer months offer opportunities for new experiences and to continue favorite, family traditions. For children who will be out of the formal classroom for the summer, it’s important for parents to... Read more

Mother Promotes Healing for Herself and Her Children After Leaving Abusive Marriage

Mother Promotes Healing for Herself and Her Children After Leaving…


Mother Promotes Healing for Herself and Her Children After Leaving Abusive Marriage Rebecca came to The Family Conservancy (TFC) after a decade of domestic violence. She married young and thought her husband was amazing. She believed they would always take care of each other. Shortly after the wedding, Rebecca learned he was not who she thought he was. Her husband sexually... Read more

Physical Books are Still Relevant in 2018

Physical Books are Still Relevant in 2018


Children are growing up in a world that offers a more immersive digital experience than could have been imagined by past generations. It’s natural that digital books have made their way into homes, classrooms, and story time laps. While digital books have benefits, they aren’t a replacement for physical books. Physical books have a lot to offer, especially in the early... Read more

Grandmother and TFC Help Kindergartner Catch Up to Classmates

Grandmother and TFC Help Kindergartner Catch Up to Classmates


Tyler’s grandmother is quick to admit her oldest grandbaby is coddled, but when he struggled upon entering kindergarten last fall she was surprised. Denise has been caring for children for more than 20 years — first her own and now her grandchildren. At first, Denise dismissed Tyler’s uneasiness with school. She assumed he would adjust to the change, make friends and... Read more

Child Care, Daycare, Preschool: What’s the Difference?

Child Care, Daycare, Preschool: What’s the Difference?


Choosing a child care, daycare or preschool program for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task. The fact that it is commonly referred to by a variety of different names doesn’t make it any easier. Hopefully we can simplify things by clearing up some lingo. A quick Google search and... Read more

Serving Kansas City Since 1880

Serving Kansas City Since 1880


The 138 Year History of The Family Conservancy The Family Conservancy’s history begins nine years before Kansas City would adopt its current name. While the challenges we address today are much different than those the organization was designed to address back in 1880, it isn’t hard to see how an organization created in response to a rapid population boom became the... Read more

Kansas City Philanthropic Leaders Invest in CLASS

Kansas City Philanthropic Leaders Invest in CLASS


Local philanthropic organizations support preschool classroom improvement project. Kansas City Metro — With $325,000 from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, $150,000 from the Hall Family Foundation and $100,000 from The H & R Block Foundation, The Family Conservancy (TFC) will be able to reach approximately 210 child care providers with personalized professional development training to improve preschool classroom quality and... Read more

Mother Overcomes Postpartum Depression

Mother Overcomes Postpartum Depression


Vicki’s first pregnancy wasn’t easy, so when she found out she was expecting a second child, she was a bit nervous. However, carrying her second child was much different than her first. She was positive and upbeat, and enjoyed the outpouring of attention, support and thoughtful assistance from those around her. As Vicki remembers it, she didn’t open a door... Read more

TFC Newsletters


Winter 2016

Blue Carpet Event Breaks Records

The only thing blue at this year's Blue Carpet Event was the décor. The event brought record-breaking results while featuring the Student Assistance Program and the 2016 Betsy Vander Velde Award winner -- The Village Talk, Read, Play Volunteers.

Did you miss David's story? Don't be BLUE, check it out and see the event results here.  
Vote YES for Kids

This November, we have an opportunity to make an unprecedented investment in our communities' future. When you cast your ballot, please consider a "yes" vote for Missouri-wide Amendment 3 and the Children's Service Fund in Jackson County. 
Learn more about Amendment 3. 
Learn more about the Children's Service Fund.
Video: Bullying Prevention

October is Bullying Prevention Month. The Family Conservancy's parenting expert, Debbie Karlstrand, joined the Fox 4 Morning Show to share important tips for parents regarding bullying.  
Thank You for Filling The Shelves  

Throughout September, we asked for new and used children's books to "Fill The Shelves" of lending libraries in local child care and preschool programs.

You answered the call, collecting boxes of books from corporate drives, sacrificing birthday presents to support the cause ... the result of all this generosity: five area child care and preschool programs, serving more than 250 kids, now have lending libraries. These children are able to get excited about reading -- taking books home and growing their love of reading with their families!
Depression Awareness Month

Anyone can have a blue day now and then. Feeling down or irritable for a day is not unusual. Depression is more than feeling sad or struggling with challenging circumstances. It's a serious mental health condition.

An estimated 16 million American adults had at least one major depressive episode last year. 

Overcoming Postpartum Depression

Soon after her baby was born, Stacy's home visitor began to get a feeling that something was off. While screens for depression showed no concern, and during weekly visits she always verbalized feeling fine, intuition told the home visitor there was more than meets the eye with Stacy. 

See how Moving Beyond Depression helped Stacy overcome postpartum depression.


September 2016

Blue Carpet on the Cheap

While Blue Carpet won't disappoint at the sticker price, you're sure to have an added strut in your step if you score two tickets for just $25. We're capping the raffle at ticket value, so your chances of winning are great!

Not a gambler? Buy your tickets here today to ensure your spot on the blue carpet on September 30.

Hurry, entries must be made by Sept. 12.

Fill The Shelves

We've partnered with child care centers and preschools throughout the Kansas City metro that are in need of books. We'll be introducing you to these programs on social media and asking you to help "fill the shelves," so make sure you follow and like our pages!

Donated books will be used to fill lending libraries at local child care centers and preschools. Families will be able to check out books and access the lending library regularly to promote early literacy and family engagement.

Find out how you can support early literacy!
Video: Helpful Homework Tips

A new school year is underway. For many students that means the beginning of homework! TFC, joined the Fox 4 Morning Show to share tips for parents assisting their child with homework.
Learn how to make homework a positive experience. 
What is Talk, Read, Play?

A child's most important teachers come long before they enter the traditional classroom - parents, grandparents, siblings and caregivers play a vital role in preparing young children for success in school.

Talk, Read, Play is a public awareness campaign with a simple, yet important message: Talk, Read, Play with your child every day. By encouraging these easy everyday interactions, parents and caregivers help children develop language and literacy skills that are vital for school success.   

Find out more about this campaign and the impact it is having in our community.

June 2016

Helping Teens Who Manage Life on Their Own   
Many teenagers face new and difficult challenges during high school, it can be a tumultuous time. When difficulties arise during this phase, most teens rely on their parents for aid and guidance. Unfortunately, many Kansas City youth lack this vital support system and struggle to successfully manage life and school.

The Student Assistance Program keeps the doors of opportunity open by helping these teens access resources and receive the support they need to graduate and prepare themselves for the future.

Last month, 24 of 25 participating seniors graduated on time. This fall, they're heading on to the next chapter of their lives knowing they have what it takes to overcome life's challenges.

There's a Good Reason it's Called the MOTHER of All Happy Hours
After a month of parties and diaper drives, the totals are in! We're thrilled to announce that the Mother of All Happy Hours collected:
  • 19,732 Diapers
  • 41,50 Baby Wipes
  • 5,000+ Loads of Laundry
  • $8,850
Plus, hundreds of books, baby clothes, a stroller or two, baby seats and baths, hygiene products -- the list goes on and on. See what these items mean to Kansas City parents. 
A special thank you to the Mother of All Happy Hours Premiere Sponsor Bank of Kansas City.
A Little Help Goes a Long Way
Rebecca didn't have it easy to begin with, but when her mother died during her sophomore year she was managing life on her own and found a whole new set of challenges.
Continue reading to see how your support helped Rebecca overcome obstacles and plan for the future.
Now Accepting Betsy Vander Velde Award Nominations
Is there someone in your life whose philanthropic nature is contagious? Someone who deserves to be honored for their generosity and commitment to changing the lives of children and families? Nominate them for the Betsy Vander Velde Award.

The award, given at our annual Blue Carpet Event, honors Betsy's selfless dedication to the less fortunate and her spirit of giving -- which extends well past her 2014 retirement from The Family Conservancy into today.


May 2016


Counseling and Therapy at TFC

What better time than May, Mental Health Awareness Month, to introduce you to the life-changing mental health services you make possible.

In 2015, TFC clinicians administered nearly 7,000 hours of quality counseling and case management services to 824 participants in English and Spanish. This work helped clients overcome depression, trauma and anxiety, and met the mental health needs of young children and parents.

Learn more about the clinical services offered by TFC and how they're making a difference.  
VIDEO: Moving Beyond Postpartum Depression

Jolene felt a familiar feeling creep in after the birth of her second child. Knowing she didn't want to feel trapped and out of control again, she found TFC's Moving Beyond Depression Program.

 See how your support helped Jolene overcome postpartum depression. 
Counseling Helps Man Overcome Suicidal Thoughts

An attempted burglary at Adrian's business planted the haunting thoughts of the terrible things that could have happened to him and his employees. After an unending string of sleepless nights, he began contemplating suicide.   

Continue reading to see how Adrian overcame his fear.
VIDEO: Recognizing the Warning Signs of Mental Illness
Most parents know what it takes to keep their child physically healthy, but do you know the basics for promoting mental health? Watch this short video to understand the importance of mental wellness, and learn to recognize mental illness in children.
Learn to promote good mental health and recognize the warning signs of problems.
A Guide to Understanding Children's Mental Health

The first few years of life, when a child's brain is growing rapidly, is a critical period of social-emotional development. In this early period, children learn to form positive relationships and manage emotions. 


April 2016


What is Head Start at TFC?

You probably know Head Start is a federally-funded early education program, but it's much more than that.

In addition to education services, Head Start programs provide children and their families with health, nutrition, social, and other services.

Learn more about Head Start, and how TFC makes it possible for more than 750 children in the Kansas City metro. 


Head Start Supports Parents

When Shareese signed her children up for home-based Head Start services, she had no idea her kids wouldn't be the only ones discovering new opportunities.

See how Head Start's holistic approach helped Shareese and her family find stability. 


Collaboration Prevents Expulsion

It had been just two weeks since 3-year-old Noah was enrolled in the child care program when his grandmother received the call. Her heart began to race as the program director explained the familiar behaviors that caused Noah's expulsion from three previous programs.

Continue reading to see how your support helped Noah find the care he needed.


Summer Camp Guide

TFC has partnered with The Kansas City Star for the third year to bring you a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to area summer camps and activities.

Use this online tool to easily find information from hundreds of organizations about summer activities for kids.

Search the 2016 Summer Camp Guide now.  


You Can Help Local Mothers


The Mother of All Happy Hours is your opportunity to help meet the basic needs of mothers and children living in poverty. Host your own happy hour or diaper drive at your home or office the week of Mother's Day. Ask your guests/coworkers to bring baby items for TFC's Mother's Market, which provides diapers, wipes, laundry detergent and other items for small children.

This year's event is sponsored by Bank of Kansas City. 

Fill out this short form for more information.


March 2016

Parenting Class is More Than Tips

Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids provides parenting education and strategies to residents in two Kansas City, Kansas, housing developments.

Classes enhance nurturing, supportive relationships between parents and their young children - reducing cases of abuse and neglect, and fostering the stability children need to be successful.

See how Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids has changed families' approaches to parenting.
Moms Helping Moms
The Mother of All Happy Hours is a grassroots event where dozens of area moms host parties asking their friends, families, and co-workers to donate baby items for the Mother's Market.

These simple necessities allow struggling moms, who are enrolled in programming that fosters self-sufficiency and stability, to meet the basic needs of their children and focus on improving their futures.

Learn how you can be a part of the Mother of All Happy Hours. 


Mother's Market Meets Basic Needs

The Mother's Market helps meet the basic needs of families who are engaged in TFC programs, like Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids. Each year, our market is replenished by generous donors like you who want to help families in need.

By providing diapers, toys, clothing, and other baby items, the market incentivizes program participation and ensures families have the resources they need to raise healthy children. 

Watch to find out how you can support the Mother's Market.


How Pretend Play Helps Children Understand the World Around Them
Whether you call it dress-up, make-believe, pretend play, or dramatic play, one thing is certain. There are many reasons why children should participate in this type of play.

Watch this video to see how stepping outside of reality can be much more than entertainment.


Feb. 2016

73,000 Families Served

With your help, The Family Conservancy (TFC) reaches tens of thousands of children, families and individuals annually - providing mental health counseling, school-readiness programming, professional development for early care professionals, financial and parenting education to families, and much more.

In 2015 alone, TFC reached 73,000 families. Continue reading this newsletter, and others throughout 2016, to learn exactly how you supported these families.


Early Education Coaching Improves Teacher-Child Interactions

As they sat in front of a laptop screen watching a video of Patti reading with one-and-a-half-year-old Jack, everything began to click. Suddenly, Sue's lessons made perfect sense. She understood how the small changes they had implemented over the past nine months had improved Jack's learning.

Learn how the generous support of people like you improved one early learning environment.


Quality Initiatives and Professional Development
When it comes to shaping the future of a child, no one plays a more important role than parents, but with the majority of preschool-aged children spending time in early care and education programs, the value of quality early learning cannot be overlooked. 

Learn how TFC is improving child care and early learning environments.


Ways to Show Children How Much They're Loved
While Valentine's Day is a great reminder, it is important to remember to express the love you have for your children every day; to help our children feel happy and healthy.

Watch this video for ways you can show the children in your life how much you love them. 


Beer, Pizza, Music and Books
Brew for Books is a good time for a great cause, and you won't want to miss it. Hosted at Boulevard Brewery, the evening features local brews paired with Waldo Pizza and music from singer-songwriter Ryan Triggs.

Tickets are just $30 when you bring a children's book.         
Tickets are selling fast, get yours before they're gone!


Jan. 2016


Success Story

As a 40-year-old Mexican immigrant, Arturo was raised in a machismo culture, which strongly influenced his traditional beliefs about masculinity and gender roles. It was finally after his wife of 15 years had a child from an extramarital affair, that he sheepishly turned to The Family Conservancy (TFC) for help.

Learn how your generosity changed Arturo's life.


Jackson County Mental Health
TFC has been awarded $130,000 from Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund to continue providing mental health services to vulnerable individuals in Jackson County in 2016. TFC is grateful to once again partner with Jackson County Mental Health Fund.

Programs supported through this award include: mental health services and counseling, adult group therapy, child group therapy, and school-based case management. 

Learn about mental health services at TFC.


Don't Miss Brew for Books

Be a part of TFC's next party for a cause on April 14! Brew for Books features all-you-can-drink Boulevard beer, live music from Ryan Triggs and Waldo Pizza for just $30 - when you bring a new book for a child aged 0-3.

Get your tickets now, it's sure to sell out again this year!

Get your tickets before they're gone!


CCKC Extends Reach

TFC's headquarters, The Children's Campus of Kansas City (CCKC), has expanded; allowing the Educare School to increase the number of students who receive full-day, full-year, early education, from 132 to 166.

The expansion is a great example of the public-private partnership that makes CCKC possible. Funding for the classroom expansion was provided by community support, as individual and foundation gifts. This growth will broaden the partnership between TFC and Educare while increasing Early Head Start services at the campus.

Learn more about CCKC.


Holiday Season In-kind Support
Your in-kind donations play an important role in helping us keep costs down while meeting the needs of the children and families we serve. This holiday season your in-kind donations provided holiday gifts to kids growing up in poverty, diapers and care items for struggling families, and much more.

A special thanks to the following individuals and organizations: 
  • UPS employees donated 1,284 diapers.
  • More than 200 books were collected at the Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair.
  • Garmin team members donated 5,109 diapers and 1,572 wipes.
  • Platte Woods Methodist Church donated 591 diapers and 1,256 wipes.
  • Mill Valley Student, Emma Wetzel, organized a drive at Horizon Elementary; collecting 583 diapers, 950 wipes, and miscellaneous books and baby items.
  • Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri collected 233 books for children ages 0-5.
  • Toys for Tots provided new gifts for over 100 children in our Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids program.
  • The Ashley Peaches family donated various toys, food and hygiene items to support families in our SPARK program.
Keeping Kids Active in Winter
Winter is here, and while this offers time for relaxation and rest, too much time indoors and too little activity can leave you feeling sluggish and unhealthy. Keeping your family active is a great way to feel good and help to manage stress. 

Watch the video for tips and activities.


Oct. 2015


Homeless Teen Finds Hope

By Chloe's junior year, she was in and out of school, often on the move and losing hope. She didn't have high hopes for her future, until you came along.

Learn how the generous support of people just like you changed Chloe's life.


All the Blue Carpet Swankiness

Another Blue Carpet Event is in the books, and thanks to you, more than $100,000 was raised to support homeless students in Kansas City.

Watch the video above to see your generosity at work.

See more event photos on Facebook.


A Dream Born in Tragedy

Just two years after losing her son, a star football player from Shawnee Mission West High School, Rosa Elida Montoya is making her dream, and his, come true.

Watch the video to see how your support changed Rosa's life.


Volunteers Reach out for Literacy
For the past three years, a group of passionate volunteers have been demonstrating the positive impact of generosity.

The group, formed by Village Presbyterian Church, has been a driving force since the beginning of the Talk, Read, Play initiative, providing a grant to help kick-start the program in 2012. For this group, the contribution wasn't enough. They wanted a hands-on role.

Continue reading


Talk, Read and Play Every Day

Parents and caregivers are every child's first teacher and learning starts at birth.

The Family Conservancy's parenting expert Debbie Karlstrand visited the FOX 4 Morning Show to share some tips to jump-start learning.

Watch the video


Sept. 2015


Growing Gardens for Healthy Kids

We've teamed up with Cultivate Kansas City and child care providers to give children a hands-on agricultural experience, while joining the effort to reduce childhood obesity.

Watch the video to see how much fun kids are having with their new gardens.


TFC Extends Head Start Reach

The Family Conservancy is excited for the opportunity to expand high quality early learning opportunities through Early Head Start-Child Care partnerships.

The grant, which began in February, is currently enrolling children and will support working families in Wyandotte and Johnson counties in Kansas by providing low-income children healthy and enriching early experiences.

More Information


Child Care Center Gets a Head Start

Just a few short weeks from the opening of her new child care center, Lee Howell beams with excitement as she describes the final stages of the extensive improvements that are being made to the garden-level space her center will soon occupy.

 Continue Reading


Success in the New School Year  

Whether your child is embarking on a new year at high school, middle school, kindergarten or preschool, building strong relationships with your child and their school is vital to success.

The Family Conservancy's parenting expert Debbie Karlstrand visited FOX 4 to share some tips for the new school year. 

Watch the video here


Corporate Sponsor Spotlight
Hallmark's dedication to making a difference in the lives of others stretches far beyond the products they create. The generosity of Hallmark's founders, the Hall family, is reflected in the philanthropic involvement of Hallmark employees and the various civic engagement initiatives which they are invested and involved in.

Hallmark's financial contributions, volunteer efforts and in-kind donations support a multitude of organizations working in their priority areas of children, arts and culture, essential services for the underserved, and civic engagement.  

"Hallmark is honored to sponsor The Family Conservancy's  Blue Carpet Event and has been a long-time supporter of the organization's Student Assistance Program which helps at-risk teens graduate from high school. By empowering some of our most vulnerable young people, many of whom are homeless or without parental support, to prepare for a brighter future, The Family Conservancy's Student Assistance Program aligns perfectly with Hallmark's goal of giving our community's children a chance to grow up to be successful. And the Student Assistance Program's demonstrated success makes it easy to get behind." commented Hallmark Corporate Foundation Vice President Cora Storbeck.


Aug. 2015

Fall Symposium Supports Great Teachers

Great preschool teachers can change the trajectory of lives. Nearly all of us have experienced this on a personal level. If fortunate, we had numerous individuals who provided care, attention, emotional and social support. 

The fact is being a preschool teacher, let alone a great one, isn't easy. Countless classroom obstacles inhibit learning on a daily basis. Overcoming these barriers requires a diverse and ever-evolving skill set often requiring teachers to assume the form of  social workers, mentors, advocates, counselors, judges, cheerleaders or doctors.

For the past 10 years, The Family Conservancy has hosted the Early Childhood Fall Symposium to equip area child care providers and early educators with the tools they need to prepare children for success in school.

Find out more about the Early Childhood Fall Symposium


Healthy Screen Time Parenting

Screen time for young children continues to be a hot topic of discussion among experts and parents. Research tells us that some children are spending as much as seven hours per day in front of a screen.

The Family Conservancy's parenting expert Miranda Horrell visited the FOX 4 morning show to share some of the latest research on the topic.

Watch the video here

Back-to-School with Talk, Read, Play

You've been working hard the past few months to prevent your child from suffering the summer slide. Now summer is winding down and a new school year is quickly approaching. While your child may be ready for new teachers, it's important to remember that your role of educator isn't ending, but being supplemented.

Check out these tips for parents, grandparents, siblings and caregivers to continue teaching through Talk, Read, Play.


And the Award goes to....

Betsy Vander Velde's dedication to children and families and her never-ending work of bettering people's lives -- which she carried out for 21 years as the President and CEO of The Family Conservancy (TFC) -- has inspired many people over the years. The inaugural Betsy Vander Velde Award recipient is no exception.

Join us on September 18, 2015, at TFC's Blue Carpet Event as we honor the award winner.

Get to know this year's winner

Head Start Celebrates 50 Years 

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson stood in the White House Rose Garden to announce the creation of Project Head Start, a federal effort designed to ensure at-risk children across the nation received a quality early childhood experience. On Friday, July 31, 2015, The Family Conservancy (TFC) celebrated this anniversary at their annual Head Start Pre-Service Training.


Since its creation in 1965, Head Start has served 32 million children and their families, providing comprehensive early learning services that get at-risk children ready for kindergarten and set families on the path toward self-sufficiency.

The event featured a proclamation from Sly James, mayor of Kansas City, Missouri - encouraging residents to support and celebrate the contributions of Head Start in the Greater Kansas City area. In addition, the event provided a variety of training opportunities for Head Start staff.

In 2014, TFC supported 995 children and 136 Head Start providers in the greater Kansas City area through community partnerships and direct services -- as a delegate agency of Mid-America Regional Council. TFC has expanded its reach of quality early education to Kansas by becoming an Early Head Start grantee serving 116 children in Johnson and Wyandotte counties.

View photos on Facebook

July 2015


Community Preschool Prepares Children for Kindergarten and Life

A large TV simultaneously hosting six surveillance camera feeds is the first thing you notice when entering Cynthia Brown's office at Learning & Fun Preschool. It's an honest testament to the environment many of the children in her care are growing up in.

Continue Reading


How YOU Made a Difference in 2014

A large TV simultaneously hosting six surveillance camera feeds is the first thing you notice when entering Cynthia Brown's office at Learning & Fun Preschool. It's an honest testament to the environment many of the children in her care are growing up in.

Continue Reading


Blue Carpet to Support Homeless Youth

The fourth annual Blue Carpet Event will feature a cocktail party, live jazz, dinner and auctions - all in support of the Student Assistance Program! Don't miss this swanky cocktail party at Studio Dan Meiners on September 18,  beginning at 7 p.m.

This year we'll highlight another impressive young SAP graduate like Teri.

Purchase Tickets


Summer Fun with Science

Although many kids opt to totally turn off their "thinking caps" during summer, there are lots of ways you can keep kids learning while they're out of school.


The Family Conservancy's parenting expert Debbie Karlstrand visited the FOX 4 morning show with fun lessons for kids while they're at home.


June 2015


Project 39 Supports Local Families

Last month, happy hours were hosted across the KC Metro. However, these weren't your typical cocktail parties. In addition to friendly small talk and refreshments, these gatherings were meeting an important community need.

Learn How Project 39 Supports Families


Tips for an Easy Summer Transition

For many, the end of the school year is a fun and exciting time. For others, the transition can be difficult and cause anxiety.

The Family Conservancy parenting expert Debbie Karlstrand visited FOX 4 to share ways to help make the transition easier.

Watch the Video



Talking, reading and playing with your child is instrumental to early child development. Unfortunately, less than 50 percent of fathers read to their children every day.

As this Father's Day nears, we want to change the trend. Take to social media and share a picture of yourself, or a dad in your life, reading to children. Use #DadsTurnThePage and you could win a set of Royals tickets.

Learn about the Talk, Read, Play Program


Betsy Vander Velde Award

Honor and recognize the work of an individual or organization committed to bettering the lives of children and families by making a nomination for the Betsy Vander Velde Award. The award, given at our annual Blue Carpet Event, honors Betsy's selfless dedication to the less fortunate - work she carried out for 21 years as the President and CEO of The Family Conservancy before her 2014 retirement.

Make a Nomination


Whoz Ur Fav Charity?

Vote for The Family Conservancy in the Whoz Ur Fav Harvest Ball Society Charity contest by LIKING this image. Then help spread the word by sharing the image and contest information.

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