Mother Overcomes Postpartum Depression
Mother Overcomes Postpartum Depression

Vicki’s first pregnancy wasn’t easy, so when she found out she was expecting a second child, she was a bit nervous. However, carrying her second child was much different than her first. She was positive and upbeat, and enjoyed the outpouring of attention, support and thoughtful assistance from those around her. As Vicki remembers it, she didn’t open a door for herself or pass a stranger that didn’t smile a single time during the nine-month period.

Despite her optimistic pregnancy, her cheerfulness was short-lived. A few weeks after giving birth, Vicki began feeling depressed, “There were a lot of days when I felt very sad and fatigued, and didn’t want to connect with my children. It felt like there was a brick wall in front of me that I couldn’t maneuver.”

Vicki discussed how she felt with her Early Head Start home visitor who came to her home once a week to support her as her children’s teacher and caregiver. Thanks to a United Way of Greater Kansas City-funded collaborative that brings several home visiting program together to provide wrap around services to at-risk families, Vicki was referred to a therapist from The Family Conservancy. She was diagnosed with postpartum depression and began receiving free therapy in her home.

Vicki was able to feel better after depression, and focus her love and attention on her children, “Because of The Family Conservancy, I’m in a much different place. I’m able to connect with my kids more often and I have very few times when I feel like I don’t know what to do. Now they [my kids] can see that I’m not just doing the work — I’m enjoying it.”

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