The Mother of All Happy Hours
Mother of All Happy Hours

A Simple Way to Help Kansas City Mothers and Their Babies

The Mother of All Happy Hours is about mothers helping mothers. During this grassroots event, area moms (and dads!)  host parties asking their friends to donate baby items. These simple necessities allow struggling parents, who are enrolled in programming that fosters self-sufficiency and stability, to meet the basic needs of their children and focus on improving their lives.


If hosting isn’t your “thing” you can still donate to the cause! Money will be used to purchase larger items like car seats and strollers.
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The week of Mother's Day, you can join supporters throughout Kansas City in hosting happy hour events to collect items for the Mother's Market
Host an event

Organize a diaper drive at your office, school or church.
host a diaper drive

See the Impact

Hear what your donations mean to local families.

Learn more about the Mother of All Happy Hours and how the donations are put to good use.

Learn about Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids.

History of Mother of All Happy Hours

Diaper Donations

The Mother of All Happy Hours was founded by Project 39, a group of women nearing their 40th birthdays with the goal of making a difference in the community. As the group formed, members realized they had a shared passion for helping mothers. Being a mother is one of the most rewarding and challenging roles for women—and one that is very difficult to pull off without help from friends, family and created support systems.

Project 39 members believe strongly that mothers are often the first step in helping kids see possibilities for themselves beyond their current experiences. In the spirit of creating a meaningful gift to mothers, the group decided against having a large event and instead asked women around the metro to host a happy hour or open house in their homes. This created more intimate and personal events. These events helped raise awareness and financial support in the form of secured donations to benefit other mothers struggling to meet basic needs.

Thanks so much to the founding members of Project 39 for your generous support and interest: Angie Davids, Jennifer Bedell, Lisa Foley and Angie Smith!