Meet Mary
Meet Mary

Meet Mary

Mary, a wife and mother of three, found herself in a place she never thought she’d be: turning to alcohol to deal with her husband’s abusive hand and worried about what impact this was having on her children. Luckily, Mary accepted counseling from The Family Conservancy and began to unravel her thoughts and fears. Through counseling she processed her feelings of resentment toward her husband (who was also seeking help) and discovered ways to improve their relationship. She also stopped drinking and instead turned to running to release her tension.

Mary began to focus on her kids and became more purposeful in her interactions and conversations with them by providing a positive message about their self-worth and ability. Due to the tools that Mary received in her counseling sessions, she witnessed a major shift in her children’s behavior and she began to speak more positively with a message of ‘I know you can do it.’

Thanks to your support, counseling helped Mary gain confidence and trust, and in turn, she gave that gift back to her children. She continues to report positive changes within herself, her partner, their marriage and their children.

Meet Mary

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Provides counseling services for 1 mother and her children who have experienced domestic violence to strengthen their resources and assist them in living lives free from violence


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