Man Overcomes Anxiety and Suicidal Thoughts
Man Overcomes Anxiety and Suicidal Thoughts

By his account, Adrian had a wonderful life. He was self-employed and enjoyed supervising others at his job. He also lived surrounded by a great many family members and friends.

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This serene life was suddenly shattered by an attempted burglary at Adrian’s business in the middle of the night. While no one had been physically harmed, Adrian couldn’t quit thinking about all of the terrible things that could have happened to him and his employees. He could no longer sleep or concentrate and after his unending string of sleepless nights, he began contemplating suicide.


Several months after the incident, Adrian decided to seek therapy services at The Family Conservancy. He was able to receive free counseling services as a crime victim through VOCA (Victims of Crime Act)'s Victim Assistance Program made possible by the Kansas Governor's Grant Program. The Family Conservancy was able to provide services in his native Spanish language.


During therapy, Adrian learned about the body’s reaction to trauma and his therapist helped him to identify and incorporate techniques into his daily routine to reduce his constant anxiety and increase his sleep. These techniques included exercise, diet, and recreational activities. Adrian also learned and utilized grounding exercises to help him remain "in the moment" instead of pondering the hypothetical which always seemed to increase his worry and anxiousness. Exercises such as remembering the sound of the verdant forest swaying in the abundant breeze next to Adrian’s boyhood home kept him calm and centered.


Adrian’s therapist also helped him to connect his past resiliency to his current life situation. Adrian had perservered through the trauma and grief of the murder of his first wife and had later built a happy and fulfilling life. Adrian’s therapist encouraged him to focus on his strong spiritual and religious connections to overcome this latest challenge too.

In the end, Adrian learned a myriad of ways to reduce his anxiety and improve his concentration and sleep. Adrian no longer thought about ending his life and he began to reconnect with his friends and family members from which he had distanced himself in the previous months. Most of all, with his new skills and new view of his own resiliency, Adrian felt more prepared to tackle his next difficult life situation whenever it should occur.