Kansas Children's Service League
June 21, 2022
1365 N Custer, Wichita
Job Type
Desired Education
High school diploma or equivalent and some college experience
Desired Experience
Knowledge about kinship or adoptive families
Job Type
Company Contact
Marcia Bowens
Application Process
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As a Kinship Navigator Case Manager, you are an important advocate for the children in our area who are being raised by their grandparents or other relatives. Your job is to provide the services and support these children and their families need to prosper. As families come on board our program, you visit with them, conduct assessments, and complete an individual service plan. You then refer them to the community resources you know will accentuate their strengths and address their specific needs. Conscientious about follow-through, you check back with them and ensure they are taking advantage of the services you recommended and are effectively implementing them in their homes. You also keep careful documentation of all your interactions.

Personable and friendly, you build a rapport with the agencies that provide important family services to our community. You also collaborate with churches, schools, government leaders, and community leaders to ensure that they have the same goal as you, which is to help these families thrive. At times, you participate in community activities to increase public awareness of our agency. As you do, you enjoy speaking up about our family services because you are passionate about our work. An eager learner, you love to try new things and willingly tackle any task that furthers our important work. Seeing the difference you make as you do your temporary, part-time job brings you great satisfaction!