Kansas Children's Service League
August 3, 2022
3545 SW 5th St, Topeka
Job Type
Desired Education
Completed high school diploma OR equivalent
Desired Experience
At least 1 year of experience with youth
Job Type
Company Contact
Marcia Bowens
Application Process
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This youth counseling position has two work schedules to choose from (1) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5 pm to 12 am with on-call responsibilities OR (2) Wednesday, Saturday, and every other Sunday from 5 pm to 12 am with on-call responsibilities.

In this essential role, we rely on you to provide immediate intervention for at-risk youth and assist them through the process of detention intake. Much of your time is spent coaching and actively listening in a time of crisis. As youth arrive, you maintain a positive and calm demeanor that is crucial for handling challenging situations. Your attitude not only helps diffuse heightened situations but also helps the youth to feel calm as well. You are reassuring as you perform a needs assessment as well as any other intervention or situational counseling as needed. This assessment helps determine if a youth needs to be detained, and when such cases arise you accurately fill out appropriate intake forms, work with the family, law enforcement, and other agencies to collect essential information.

On occasion, you assist with transport and fill out and file a detailed report of the day's events. This information can be used in future reference for that young person. You are goal-oriented and work toward getting these kids home with their families. You take your role very seriously and understand that you are the help they need to take the next step to get home. At the end of the day, you are proud of the role you play on our team and enjoy seeing your hard work pay off in youth that can proactively take steps to better their lives.