Training and Professional Development for Early Educators and Child Care Providers


The Early Care and Education Hub provides a one-stop shop for early education professionals and program administrators looking to meet their annual training requirements and improve child outcomes.

The Hub features the Kansas City region’s most comprehensive professional development catalog — including new and exciting opportunities from some of our region’s leading experts on early childhood education — through a simple one-fee subscription model.

Free Memberships

  • Access to the Kansas City region’s most comprehensive catalog of clock-hour approved (MO and KS) training.
  • Individual memberships provide a simple solution to enroll, manage, and monitor professional development.
  • Group memberships allow administrators to manage their team’s professional development.
  • Access to our early education job board.

Paid Memberships

  • All the benefits of a free membership.
  • Twenty percent savings on all training registrations.
  • Exclusive, free quarterly training opportunities.
  • One-on-one professional development consultation.
  • Group membership benefits are extended to your entire team.
  • Paid group memberships are $300 per year and individuals memberships are $50 per year.
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