Plan a Party
Plan a Party

Simple fundraising ideas to support TFC

  1. Host a Drive - In-kind donations play an important role in helping us keep costs down and meeting the needs of children and families. The list of current needs changes depending on the time of year, and there are ongoing items that are always necessary and useful in this work. Contact us for details.
  2. Birthday Gifts - get your kids involved with the spirit of giving! Ask your child's birthday guests to bring items off TFC's wish list and/or books for children living in poverty. Sullivan, pictured below, asked guests to bring books for TFC in honor of him turning 3!                                                                                                        
  3. Corporate Jean’s Day – talk with your company about supporting a ‘dress-down’ day for their employees. Select a day of the week where employees can wear jeans in return for a donation.
  4. Day of Change (or week, or month) – develop a coin collection at your place of work to collect as much change as possible. Make the stakes higher by developing a contest between departments or offices.
  5.  First Fridays – employees prepare and bring potluck dishes on the first Friday of each month for lunch. A monetary donation has to be made in order to participate in eating. This could be a one-day or a weekly event.
  6. Bingo Night – for example, Hamburger Mary’s in Kansas City hosts a charity bingo program. Coordinate with the restaurant for a TFC Bingo Night where all money raised from ticket sales goes to TFC.
  7. Employee Payroll Giving – conduct an employee giving campaign through automatic paycheck deductions. TFC’s staff can help host a kickoff meeting.
  8.  Gourmet Giving – does your office provide soda or coffee for free to employees? If so, arrange for gourmet coffee or hot chocolate in place of the regular drinks and request a dollar donation per drink.
  9. The Family Conservancy Night out – pair up with a local restaurant where a percentage of money raised on a predetermined day goes to TFC.
  10. Host a Party/Happy Hour
  11. Charity for Gold – host a night where your friends all bring unwanted gold jewelry as a donation. All items are sent via a ‘cash for gold’ program with all monies raised sent to TFC
  12. Donations for Drinks (or dinner) – contact TFC about items from our agency Wish List then invite guests to a Happy Hour (or dinner) at your home. The only requirement to attend is that guests bring an item from our list.
  13. Tea for Toddlers – is lunch more your thing? Then host a tea party with friends where guests are asked to bring toddler-specific items to the event.

Ideas here are endless, if you’re interested in hosting a party a member of The Family Conservancy staff will help you with details (in picking a program, finalizing wish list, helping with marketing materials, etc).

Please contact Diandra Meyers with any questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.