Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance ProgramProgram for homeless teens

It costs as little as $3,000 a year or $250/month to support one student through the Student Assistance program. Donate to the Student Assistance Program.

Helping Homeless Teens Graduate from High School

The Student Assistance Program supports high school students who manage life on their own. For many reasons, including parental abuse, neglect, violence and substance abuse participating students face life's challenges without the emotional or financial support of their parents. The Student Assistance Program is the difference between giving up and graduating for many Kansas City area teenagers. Students are referred to the Student Assistance Program by school counselors and social workers.

Academic Success - Providing support that helps youth stay in school, graduate and prepare for life after graduation

Financial Stability - Providing a monthly stipend to assist with living expenses as well as resource referrals for additional financial assistance, employment opportunities and other needs

Healthy Lifestyles - Psychosocial education, linkages to health-related resources and the provision of mental health counseling

Results - The Student Assistance Program has served 171 students over the past five completed school years, supporting them as they worked hard to complete their high school education. In those past five years, 93% of seniors have graduated and 84% of underclassmen have moved on to the next grade level or graduated.

Program Success Stories

One-on-one meetings with case managers provide:

  • Support and encouragement as the students cope with difficult life circumstances
  • Goal setting and decision making guidance
  • Assistance locating tutoring and applying for college/financial aid
  • Help finding and using available community resource

Donate to the Student Assistance Program.