Impact Dashboard

The Family Conservancy Performance Measurement Snapshot

In 2020, The Family Conservancy launched our Theory of Change to define how we will measure our impact and advancement of our mission in the Kansas City Metro. Throughout 2021, our agency formulated this agency dashboard to quickly and effectively analyze our agency’s performance in advancing our Theory of Change. Our hope is that this agency dashboard provides us with timely data so that we can provide proactive quality improvement and enhanced service delivery to the children and families we serve.

Building Brains

Children transition to kindergarten ready for success.

Participants who advanced kindergarten readiness.

Data Highlights*

  • 9 child care directors who previously graduated from the CLASS Institute participated in goal setting session and set at least two long-term goals for their program.
  • 12 (80%) CLASS Institute participants showed significant improvement in their interactions with children.


Empowering Families

Parents experience increased well-being, and advocate for their children.

Data Highlights*

  • 19 home-based Head Start families participated in group socialization events.
  • 111 families increased their knowledge of child development by participating in training.
  • 66 new child care spaces were opened.


Families who improved well-being and social connection.

Strengthening Resilience

Individuals and families develop social-emotional skills and healthy relationships, learn coping skills and heal from trauma.

Individuals and families who accessed affordable mental health care.

Data Highlights*

  • 6 mothers completed postpartum depression therapy.
  • 89% of closed client cases completed the majority (60%+) of the action steps in their treatment plan.


Combined Impact

Maximizing Kansas City’s Greatest Opportunity

Program participants measured against key performance measurement indicators.

*Agency dashboard data is comprised of Key Performance Indicators. Data will be updated quarterly and measured against annual (calendar year) goals.