COVID-19 Resources for Child Care Providers

Coronavirus Response Resources for Child Care Providers

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We know this is a challenging and uncertain time, and we’re thankful for the essential public service you’re providing. If you are facing challenges and are in need of support, please see our list of resources below. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance.

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COVID Provider Webinar

Monday, Nov. 23: 6:30 – 8 p.m.


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With COVID cases continuing to rise, we are holding a community meeting to share information, hear your questions and provide some guidance on what we can all do to help keep childcare programs open. There will be representation from various jurisdictions to help address specific concerns in your area. The taskforce is committed in helping you continue providing essential services to children and families during these challenging times.

Child Care Provider Survey

If you are in need of resources for your child care business, please complete the following survey to help our community partners better understand your needs and connect you to local resources that can support you!  This information is being collected on behalf of The Family Conservancy, in conjunction with KC Metro’s Community Collaboration and Response to COVID-19 taskforce.

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Operations Guidance

Your local health department is serving as the information provider for all businesses, including child care centers, family child care, group homes and registered providers. Your jurisdiction is based on the lowest level of agency available given the physical address of your business. For example, if you live in Kansas City, MO, you would contact Kansas City, MO Health Department.

If you are unable to obtain health and safety recommendations from your health department, you can refer to our list of resources for best practices.

Missouri Health Departments

City Health Departments

Kansas City, MO

  • Guidance for child care providers from the Kansas City Health Department can be found here.
County Health Departments

Cass County, MO

Clay County, MO

Jackson County, MO
COVID-19 Hotline: 877-435-8411

Platte County, MO

Ray County, MO

Financial Relief

Regulatory Changes

Regulatory Changes for Missouri Providers

  • You learn about regulatory changes in Missouri here.

Regulatory Changes for Kansas Providers

  • You learn about regulatory changes in Kansas here.


The child care sector is facing an unprecedented challenge. The pandemic has added volatility to an already unstable, underfunded industry.

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COVID-19 has created significant challenges for families and providers. Your story will help us convey these difficulties to decision makers.

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