Collaborative Supports Early Education in Kansas City
Collaborative Supports Early Education in Kansas City

Collaborative Supports Early Education in Kansas City

The Family Conservancy Receives Funds to Support Early Education

Kansas City, Missouri - The Family Conservancy (TFC) will receive $163,525 from The Early Education Funders Collaborative for their Quality Initiatives and Professional Development (QI/PD) Department — to promote kindergarten-readiness through improving the quality and accessibility of early care and education for young children.

The Early Education Funders Collaborative formed in 2014 with a vision that all students served by early childhood education providers in Metro Kansas City are kindergarten-ready and able to transition to schools that will build on that preparation through at least grade three.

Funding will improve early care and education environments across the Kansas City metro by empowering teachers and caregivers to make the most of early learning opportunities, and improving the overall functioning and quality of programs. Programming will include one-on-one coaching for teachers, in-depth leadership training for child care directors and focus groups for family child care providers to give input in designing a family child care comprehensive project for the community to including training and coaching.

TFC's QI/PD Department has been supporting early education programs for over two decades and envisions itself as the professional development hub for all early educators to become equipped with skills they need to ensure children are kindergarten-ready. Many programs have the ability to to provide the high-quality programming, but don’t possess the financial resources or foundations for quality improvements.

Efforts will target providers serving populations typically lacking access to high-quality early care and education opportunities.

“All young children deserve excellent early care and education. The funds from the Early Education Funders Collaborative will positively impact thousand of children — supporting their health, safety and preparing them for school,” commented President and CEO of The Family Conservancy, Dean Olson.

Research shows high-quality early care and education programs for low-income children can have lasting positive effects such as higher graduation rates, lower juvenile crime and decreased need for remedial education services later.

In 2015, TFC’s QI/PD team served 3,244 educators, helping over 32,000 low-income children become kindergarten-ready.