Back to School with Talk, Read, Play
Back to School with Talk, Read, Play

You’ve been working hard the past few months to prevent your child from suffering the summer slide. Now summer is winding down and the new school year is quickly approaching. While your child may be ready for new teachers, it’s important to remember that your role of educator isn’t ending, but being supplemented.

Check out these tips for parents, grandparents, siblings and caregivers to continue teaching through Talk, Read, Play.


  • Teach cause and effect. Ask your child what will happen if they leave a cold drink in the hot sun.
  • Talk about where food comes from. Ask your child when they last had a tomato. Then discuss some dishes you’ve eaten that include tomatoes.


  • Read together. Reading aloud to your child promotes literacy and language development and supports your relationship.
  • Take a trip to the library and let them choose. High-interest books are just as important as “required” reading.


  • Be a healthy role model. Go on a hike, walk or bike ride with your child.
  • Play board games that build writing and reading skills, like Zingo or Boggle Jr.

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