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Serving Kansas City Families

Helping Children and Strengthening Families Since 1880

We're empowering Kansas City to raise happy, healthy, educated children. We’re focused on supporting families, caregivers and teachers who prepare children for success in school and life.
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Mental Health Awareness

Mental health affects how we think, feel, and act. It determines how we cope with stress, relate to others, and make choices. Good mental health is a principle of a happy, healthy life, and is equally as important as physical health.

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Parenting Resources

Search the library of parenting resources developed by our early education and mental health experts. You'll find a variety of helpful tips for overcoming the challenges of raising infants, toddlers and teens.

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Child Development

Helping Children Build Resilience

No matter what we do, our children will face challenges. While we can't protect children from all of the difficulties life will bring, we can provide them with the tools they need to respond.

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Talk, Read, Play

Our Talk, Read, Play initiative takes brain development studies and simplifies it to a message every parent and caregiver can use to help support a child’s early development. Learn how your organization can share this message. Learn about Talk, Read, Play!


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    Brew for Books

    Blue Carpet

    Join us for the sixth annual Blue Carpet Event. Your support will help homeless high school students graduate. VIEW

    Early Childhood Education

    Training Opportunities

    We provide early education training and professional development opportunities in the community, at program sites, and at special events. VIEW

  • Brew for Books

    Early Education Support

    TFC will receive $163,525 from The Early Education Funders Collaborative to promote kindergarten-readiness.VIEW
    Early Childhood Education

    Mental Health Support

    The Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund  has awarded The Family Conservancy $130,000 to provide mental health services in 2017.VIEW