4 Important Facts That Show Reading Can’t Wait for School
4 Important Facts That Show Reading Can’t Wait for School

reading read with your child every day

Here's why you should read to your child early and often.

  1. Quality, age-appropriate books are important, irreplaceable tools that support child development, build strong parent-child bonds and teach children words that help them define the word around them. Studies confirm that children who grew up with books in their homes reached a higher level of education than those who did not (Family Scholarly Culture and Educational Success).
  2. Reading has benefits long before children begin forming words. During the first five years children are at peak learning efficiency, in this period 90 percent of brain development occurs (Rauch Foundation). This makes it a critical time for early reading and literacy support. Reading to your child from birth strengthens the parent-child bond, exposes children to words and support cognitive development by allowing children to explore colors, textures, sounds and more.
  3. Students who can’t read proficiently by the end of third grade are much less likely to graduate, much more likely to repeat grades, and have more behavioral and social problems. Furthermore, fourth grade marks an important transition from learning to read to reading to learn, so most student who have not learned adequate reading skill by fourth grade will continue to fall behind (Annie E. Casey Foundation).
  4. Fortunately, parents and caregivers can make a significant, lasting impact. A U.S. Department of Education study found students in households where parent involvement was high scored 44 percent higher (on average) than students from households where parent involvement was low (U.S. Department of Education).

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