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The response and recovery to COVID-19 has been extremely challenging for the child care sector. Remaining open to serve essential workers and adopting new practices to safely and effectively care for our community’s youngest citizens has put many providers on a path toward financial failure. Child care has always been essential and providers need our help more than ever.

early education service for children

Preparing Children
for Success

Improving access to high-quality
child care and preschool.

professional development for teachers and child care providers

Strengthening Early
Learning Programs​

Training teachers and child care
providers for a better future.

Children Families Teachers Success brain

Because 90 percent of brain growth happens in the first five years.

Helping children access high-quality early learning opportunities and addressing challenges that arise so all children can have happy, healthy childhoods.

Helping families prepare their children for success by providing child development education and supporting mental and physical well-being for the whole family.

Improving teacher-child interactions by providing training on child development, health, safety, STEM and more.

High-quality early care and education closes achievement gaps and prepares children for success in school and life.


Children received support to prepare them for success in school and life.


Teachers, child care providers and preschool teachers trained to support kindergarten readiness.


Parents received the tools they need to support their child’s health, happiness and education.

About The Family Conservancy

We empower Kansas City to raise happy, healthy, educated children. We’re focused on supporting families, parents, and teachers who prepare children for success in school and life.

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You Can Empower
Children in Kansas City
to Succeed

Your donation can deliver a 13% return on investment, by reducing future spending. Join us in investing in our greatest resource — our children and future.


Mental Health Services
for Vulnerable Populations

​We strive to increase the number of people receiving the mental health services they need. While we serve individuals and families with a wide variety of needs, the majority of our work focuses on meeting the mental health needs of vulnerable populations — young children, domestic violence victims and parents of young children.

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Counseling &
Mental Health

Providing counseling and mental health education to children, families, couples, individuals, and groups in Spanish and English.


Child Care Referrals

When you’re expecting a child, one of the most important challenges you will face may be finding care for your child. We can help.


Parenting Resources

We are the go-to authorities on all things parenting. Check out our library of videos, tips and articles to help you be the best parent you can be.