Success Stories

Meet Mary
Mary, a wife and mother of three, found herself in a place she never thought she’d be: turning to alcohol to deal with her husband’s abusive hand and worried about what impact this was having on her children. Luckily, Mary accepted counseling from The Family Conservancy and began to unravel her thoughts and fears. Through counseling she processed her feelings of resentment toward her husband (who was also seeking help) and discovered ways to improve their relationship. She also stopped drinking and instead turned to running to release her tension.

Mary began to focus on her kids and became more purposeful in her interactions and conversations with them by providing a positive message about their self-worth and ability. Due to the tools that Mary received in her counseling sessions, she witnessed a major shift in her children’s behavior and she began to speak more positively with a message of ‘I know you can do it.’

Thanks to your support, counseling helped Mary gain confidence and trust, and in turn, she gave that gift back to her children. She continues to report positive changes within herself, her partner, their marriage and their children.

Early Intervention Rescues Joe
Joe’s childhood was anything but carefree. He was throwing tantrums at home and he didn’t play or interact with kids at child care.

The Family Conservancy was called to help. Our mental health experts observed Joe in child care, and met with his family and caregivers.

We recommended that his family take Joe to the school district for an evaluation, where he was diagnosed with a developmental delay. He qualified for special education services and has since shown signs of improvement.

The tantrums — which can be a sign of frustration at not being able to learn — have all but stopped. And Joe is socializing more with other children. Without this program, it’s likely that the underlying cause of Joe’s behavior would have been overlooked. Th anks to you, Joe can look toward a brighter, more successful future.

Your Assistance Helped Tonya Start School Ready to Learn
When four-year-old Tonya entered an area preschool last fall, teachers noticed that she had some problems keeping up with other children in the class.

With The Family Conservancy piloting kindergarten transition services at her preschool, our
Family Service Workers discovered that Tonya has serious vision problems as well as developmental delays.

Because Tonya’s family had their hands full with four other children as well as employment and housing problems, we found resources to help.

We partnered with an organization, which provides children with free eye exams and glasses, and school nurses to provide a voucher and transportation to an eye doctor.

Tonya now has glasses and she has been referred to a specialist for an eye operation.  We also helped her family start the process to receive special education services.

Your contributions help children like Tonya get evaluated early, so concerns can be addressed before kindergarten. Research shows that a child starting kindergarten on par with her peers is more likely to do well in school and graduate.

Your Support Helps Family Live Free From Fear
This Thanksgiving, Olivia and her five children have something to be truly grateful for: it’s been one
year since they have lived free of domestic violence.

Trying to get her five children to behave initially brought Olivia to The Family Conservancy two years
ago. However, Olivia soon confided that her husband’s abuse created an unstable home life, where her
children witnessed violence serious enough to land her in the hospital on multiple occasions.

We worked with Olivia’s children, who lived in fear of whether their mother would one day be killed. And our therapist worked with Olivia to create a safety and escape plan using several community resources — which finally helped her break away from her husband.

In the past year, The Family Conservancy helped 326 victims of domestic violence in our Wyandotte and Johnson counties.  Your gifts support these invaluable services to families like Olivia’s.

Teamwork Turns the Corner for Caleb
When we first met Caleb he was in danger of being expelled from child care because of disruptive behaviors.  Today, he is thriving in first grade.  What made such a difference in so short a time? 

His mother Cara recognized that Caleb’s early education experience would set the stage for future success in school.  So when he struggled, she contacted The Family Conservancy for advice. 

In a pioneering approach to early intervention, our trained therapist observed Caleb in his child care setting, then worked with Cara together with the teacher on ways to meet Caleb’s needs while maintaining a positive learning environment for all of the kids.

As a result, Caleb has gained new language and social skills, his teachers are happy to have him in class, and Cara has new confidence in her ability to advocate successfully for her child.

Helping Javier Turn the Corner on Trauma
Seven-year-old Javier was a typical fun-loving child until his world was turned upside down by his father's murder.  Afraid her own grief was making things worse, Javier's mother reached out for help.  

Over time Javier confided to a counselor at The Family Conservancy that even in his Superman cape...night after night he was unable to save his dad in his dreams.  

With our therapist's encouragement, eventually he was able to express how he wanted the dreams to end — a breakthrough that helped Javier sleep soundly through the night.

Placing Kyden on the Path to Success
When his newborn sister Ellora tested positive for cocaine, 17-month-old Kyden's life changed forever.  Roger and Diane adopted the siblings, and the children got a new lease on life.  Still it was a long process to reverse the early neglect Kyden had suffered. 

Kyden reacted poorly to change — throwing tantrums and tearing up games. Roger and Diane worried that Kyden wouldn't be able to enter kindergarten.  They called The Family Conservancy for advice.

Our therapist provided tools so that teachers could help Kyden cope with changes, talk about his feelings and calm down. 

Your support has made it possible this year for Kyden and more than 20 other youngsters to make a successful transition into early education programs.  By partnering with parents and child care professionals, we’re helping to overcome barriers so that children will be prepared to succeed when they enter school.

Helping Anna Reclaim Childhood
Sometimes a child's experiences are heartbreakingly severe.  Anna spent her earliest years surrounded by violence and drug use.  When her parents were arrested and taken away, Anna went to live with her grandparents. 

They thought she had survived unscathed, yet Anna's grandparents soon realized that she suffered severe headaches and exhibited irritability and violent play.  They called The Family Conservancy for advice.

Our mental health counselor helped Anna and her grandparents repair past harms.  Now in a stable and nurturing home, Anna can express her feelings and is learning to trust and to make friends.  She sleeps soundly, smiles more and no longer gets headaches.