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Serving Kansas City Families

Helping Children and Strengthening Families Since 1880

Our approach is a comprehensive one, focusing on three areas to ensure success: quality early child care and education, mental health counseling, anti-poverty and quality parenting initiatives which help families break the cycle of poverty and raise successful and healthy children.

Blue Carpet Event

Blue Carpet Recap

The only thing blue at this year's Blue Carpet Event was the décor. The night brought record-breaking results while showcasing an impressive young man and a generous group of volunteers.

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Early Childhood Fall Symposium

Early Education Training

The Early Childhood Fall Symposium is an annual training event specifically designed for early childhood professionals. Participants will receive 5.5 clock hours of training, new classroom ideas, and much more.

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Serving Kansas City Families

Parenting Resources

Search the library of parenting resources developed by our early education and mental health experts. You'll find a variety of helpful tips for overcoming the challenges of raising infants, toddlers and teens.

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Talk, Read, Play

Our Talk, Read, Play initiative takes brain development studies and simplifies it to a message every parent and caregiver can use to help support a child’s early development. Learn how your organization can share this message. Learn about Talk, Read, Play!


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    Brew for Books

    Amendment 3

    This November, we have an opportunity to make an unprecedented investment in our communities' future. Please consider a "yes" vote for Missouri-wide Amendment 3. VIEW
    Early Childhood Education

    Children's Service Fund

    With your help we can change the lives of kids, teens and families throughout Jackson County and save millions in future costs. VIEW


    Head Start Training

    Mental Health Awareness

    As champions of the Mental Health First Aid movement in the U.S., here are a few ways you can help spread the word during Mental Health Awareness Week. VIEW
    Early Childhood Education

    Depression Awareness Month

    Feeling down or irritable for a day is not unusual. Depression is more than feeling sad or struggling with challenging circumstances. It’s a serious mental health condition. VIEW


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